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Other Projects

Click on the images below to know about Rhaissa Bittar’s special guest participations in other albums, concerts and exhibits.

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Exposição Baixio dos Doidos
Disco em um dia III
Show Novos Baianos no Itaú Cultural
Show Ao Rei do Baião
CD Banquete das Cabeças
CD É Natal

A Ponte - movie

A wedding entourage and a funeral procession meet in the middle of a bridge, placing the widower and the bride's father in a practical and emotional conflict to decide who will pass first.

O Presente (The Gift)

Vale Sul Shopping invited Rhaissa Bittar to sing a new Christmas song, O Presente (The Gift). The music direction was made by Panela and the 3d animation by Consulado. The movie, part of Seja o Feliz Natal de Alguém campaign, tells the journey of a penguim travel through South Pole and North to meet his friend, a bear.


Ouvido Vivo Album

Rhaissa was invited by Tratore to participate in the 10-year commemorative compilation of the distributor. O Nerd e a Balconista is a samba written and recorded by the singer for the Ouvido Vivo album. The track was composed by Daniel Galli and Panela was responsible for the musical production (produção musical). Other artists also participated in the project, such as André Abujamra, Carlos Careqa, Rogério Skylab, Memórias de Um Caramujo, Daniel Groove, among others.

É Natal Album

É Natal is an album with new Christmas songs by Panela Produtora. Rhaissa Bittar was invited by its creators Daniel Galli e Filipe Trielli to interpret the marchinha Os Descendentes – one of the songs inspired by the tropical celebration of the festivity. Other album tracks had guest participations of Mônica Salmaso, Mario Manga, Lulina, Saulo Duarte, Banda Paralela, among others.

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Disco em Um Dia III (The In-a-day Album III)

Disco em Um Dia (The In-a-day Album) is a project developed by Panela Produtora in which the challenge is to record, compose, produce and mix an album in 24h. To prove that the songs were actually written on the day of the recording, all lyrics are based on the day’s newspaper articles. Rhaissa Bittar participated in its third edition, singing the song O Violino e o Viaduto, inspired on a photo by Hélvio Romero published on the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper.




Banquete das Cabeças Album

Shop designer Fernando Jaeger held a commemorative project with the cover of the album Banquete de Cabeças (Secos & Molhados). The music producer, Marcos Kuzka, invited Rhaissa Bittar to interpret O Vira.

Baixio dos Doidos Exhibition

June/2012  –  The Baixio dos Doidos exhibition, idealized by Lina Rosa, was built in several scenarios with photos by Helder Ferrer to illustrate Luiz Gonzaga songs. At the invitation of Carlinhos Borges, musical director of the project, Rhaissa Bittar did a cover of Xote das Meninas. The music installation captured the universe of a girl who was a dreamer, deeply in love and lost in thought. The other installations had the musical participations of several guests such as Dominguinhos, Arnaldo Antunes, Naná Vasconcelos, Jorge du Peixe, among others.

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Ao Rei do Baião Concert

July/2012  –  Sesc Vila Mariana was the stage of a tribute concert dedicated to the centenary of Luiz Gonzaga’s birth. Ao Rei do Baião concert was directed by Lira and had several special guest participations: Otto, Fagner, Siba, Felipe Cordeiro, Spok, João Paraibano & Sebastião Dias and Rhaissa Bittar. 



Take a look at pictures of the concert on the side of the screen!

Novos Baianos Concert at Itaú Cultural

Dec/2012  –  Itaú Cultural held the concert Acabou Chorare, the 40-year-anniversary celebration of the Novos Baianos album. Panela Produtora, the musical director of the project, invited Rhaissa Bittar to sing with Maurício Pereira, O Terno and Ricardo Herz. The event took place during the III Festival Continuum.




Take a look at pictures of the concert on the side of the screen!

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